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Great Locations within the destinations, interesting subjects and places, the best photographic support and a positive day to day atmosphere. Years of investment to local research, looking for the most interesting places to visit, struggling to create the proper contacts, handpicking hotels. We are all passionate about photographs and want our clients to share that. Our very special photography tours in Bangladesh will take you through the endless possibilities of this incredible country by opening all the cack stage doors, getting into all restricted areas, and finding the brightest jewels of this vast and lovely place to hand you a supply of spectacular folders for your camera with our international award-winning photographer’s guide.

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“Come once to Bangladesh
the paradise of photographers
And capture the greatest images”.

The “Bishwa Ijtema” Muslim Pilgrimage the World Muslim congress held in Bangladesh every year in January since 1942. It is the 2nd largest Muslim congregation in the world after the holy Hajj, More than 4 million Muslims gathered at Bishaw Ijtema. 3 days long activities of devotees praying, pray on the road, discussing Islam, bath, cooking, and others in the congress area. After Congress, the tours continue to North-East Districts & South Diversity of Bangladesh. In this expedition, you will explore Bangladesh’s riches Festival, overcrowded Trains, people, daily life, and culture with amazing photography opportunities.




“Come once in Bangladesh
the paradise of photographers
And capture greatest images”.

The best photography season in the Bangladesh and the Candle Light Festival trip is the exclusive photography expedition. In this trip you will explore the best ritual festival the candle light festival; thousands of devotees praying on candle light pray, best fishing season; fishing activities in the south Bengal, full harvesting period of betel nut, stone mine, daily life and culture and more photography opportunities. In the Golden Bengal trip you will have a unique experience, where you will learn about the culture, the religion, the customs, and the traditions of an extraordinary people.


Throughout our exclusive photo expedition, the award-winning photographer guide of Bangladesh Photo Tours will guide you to capture aesthetically strong and powerful pictures and hone your technical skills in outdoor & street photography in a very friendly and exciting environment.


Bangladesh Photo Tours conducts Photography Workshops, Guided Photography Tours, and Photo Expeditions & Voyages across Bangladesh. Our Photo Tours are designed on specially created itineraries that offer the best visual sights in the best times of the year at the chosen destinations across Bangladesh.


Years of investment in local research, looking for the most interesting places to visit, struggling to create the proper contacts, handpicking hotels. We are all passionate about photography and want our clients to share that.

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“This was the best photo trip I’ve ever attended. The experience went well beyond just photography and we had a chance to really get a real feel for the people of the country. Amazing experience I recommend to anyone who is passionate about photography and want to capture exclusive images. BP provides the perfect settings for taking amazing photos in Bangladesh. Definitely want to go again this photography paradise land”.

Adrian Whear | Australia

“I have a chance to travel to Bangladesh with Bangladesh Photo Tours. I have traveled to many countries but my Bangladesh trip was the best trip ever. My heartiest thanks to our photo guide Mahadai Hassan for his excellent service& hard work that made my Bangladesh trip reach and rewarding. Our guide, Mahadi had the perfect personality and temperament to make the experience a perfect one. Each day of the tour provided photographic opportunities and sights which were vastly different than the days before. I look forward to traveling with BP again in the future”.

Sylvie Benchimol | France